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Jinzhou Medical University

ex Liaoning Medical University was founded in 1946. Liaoning Medical University(LMU)is a public medical university, which is located in the coastal city of Jinzhou, in western Liaoning, this is 3 and a half hours east of Beijing. It has changed its name from Liaoning Medical University into Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU) in 2016.
The campus covers 1,140,000 square meters and is in the north of the city. It has 17 teaching departments, 98 teaching offices, 56 teaching laboratories, 4 main affiliated comprehensive hospitals with 4700 sick beds, and 169 bases for teaching and practice. Among the 3880 faculty members there are 680 associate professors and 358 professors and chief doctors.
There are approximately more than 20,000 students studying a wide range of medicine-related courses at the university, including over 1200 international students from 34 countries.
the campus of Jinzhou Medical University (JZMU) lies in the north of the city, about ten minutes away from downtown. The campus is pretty big. It takes about twenty minutes to walk from one end to the other. It is very clean and well-maintained. There always seem to be groundskeepers actively watering, pruning and mowing the many lawns and ornamental trees. New campus by the seaside will be completed in the near future.

Detailed information of Liaoning Medical University MBBS Fee Structure:

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition 32,000/year
Registration Fee 800
Application Fee 800
Residence Permit 800
Books Fee 800/year
Accomodation Fee 2,500RMB/semester or 5,000/year (Double Room)
Living Cost 700-1000
Dormitory Deposit 400

How To Apply

Entry Requirements:

  • At least 18 years old.
  • High school graduate or above, or have passed Grade Twelve (10+2)/HSC.
  • With an average score of 65% in PCB.
  • Have basic English language ability.

Application Materials:

  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport.
  • Passport-size photo.
  • A photocopy of the official high school graduate certificate.
  • Academic record: a photocopy of the transcript (including courses taken and standard achieved).
  • Foreigner Physical Examination Record.
  • Qualified students will be selected on the basis of interview and application.