About University of Perpetual Help

Cancer And Infusion Center :Employing some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment and cancer therapies in the country, the UPHDMC Cancer and Infusion Center offers effective, holistic, and compassionate care to both cancer patients and their families. The Institute is equipped with educational resources on cancer care and encourages the close collaboration between medical teams and their patients.

Specialty Clinics :

  • The Diabetes Educational Center helps people with diabetes take better care of themselves by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for diabetes self-management.
  • Our program is fully accredited by the Philippine Center for Diabetes Education Foundation and staffed by certified diabetes educators, nurse-educators and dietician-educators with specialized training in Diabetes Care. The center is fully supported by a pool of consultant endocrinologists. The Diabetes Educational Center offers the following learning modules:
  • Intensive Diabetes Course is a complete diabetes education course designed to help patients and their families understand the causes of Diabetes and its complications, with sessions in diet counseling, exercise, foot care, self-monitoring of blood glucose, insulin injections, and psycho-social counseling.
  • Education is key to improving diabetic patient's quality of life.

Fees Detail:

Year Fees (INR)
First Year 5,50,000
Second Year 3,00,000
Third Year 3,00,000
Fourth Year 3,00,000
Fifth Year 3,00,000