Taishan Medical University

About The University

Taishan medical university was founded in 1974, stemming from medical school of Huamei hospital founded in 1981 by missonary physician from the american christian presbyterin Church.The campus is located at the foot of mountain Taishan, Shadong, Provinicial Capital Jinan to the north.Transporation of Tai'an is international airport in jinan and two or three hours to Bejing or Shanghai by taking the heigh speed railway.
Taishan Medical University covers and area of 200 hectars with a building area of 7,80,000 square meters.Fixed assets are worth 1 billion Yuan , including teaching Science&Research Equipment.25,60,000 books aer stored in the school library including 11,70,000 e-books.The university affiliated hospital, 11 non direct effiliated hospital and more than 230 practice&internship bases.
The university has 1500 faculty & staff members, 450 of them are professors and assistant professors, 14 enjoy special government allances financed by the state council , one taishan scholar & 10 young outstanding contribution expert awarded by shandong govt.
There are 16 colleges or departments in Taishan Medical University, covering basic medicine , radiology, nursing, pharmacy, public health, stoatology, sports medicine, bio science etc.

Fees Detail:

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition Fee 20,000 RMB
Hotel+Mess 2,500 RMB