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About ZH Sikdar Women’s Medical College

ZH Sikder Women Medical College and Hospital is behind the Wonderland Park near Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is on 60,000 square feet 6 story building. The building is a fully Air conditioned. The center specializes in cardiac care treatment and prevention care. It had established in 1992 as per permission of the government of Bangladesh.
Admission Process of ZH Sikder Women Medical College and Hospital. Every year after HSC result published the college offers admission into first-year MBBS class. A session usually commences from January each year. Every year they published admission ads in the national newspaper and their official on the website. DGHS does all MBBS medical admission procedure.Z. H. Sikder Womens Medical College.
Gender inequality in education is extreme in our country. That’s why the management built it as women’s medical college with a concrete goal to enroll enthusiastic, dedicated and academically gifted students who participate in outstanding programs of education which meet their needs and which respond to the rapidly growing demands and opportunities of medicine, science, ethics and public policy. The College creates a rich and supportive environment in which all students can attain their educational goals. The College is committed to provide excellent medical education programs that produce skilled, concerned physicians who are proficient in the science and art of medicine, dedicated to the ethical and social principles of the profession. Our Medical College motto is to build a medical graduate who shall be prepared to demonstrate problem solving skills, knowledge of normal and abnormal states, and the ability to acquire and utilize information in the clinical management of patients. Not only as described above but the object is to shape a medical student in such a way that, she can develop herself to serve the unprivileged people of the country. Their motto should be “healthy living in a healthy society”. Therefore, Z. H. Sikder Women’s Medical College is such an institution which focuses the reality of mankind i.e. “serve the unprivileged” to develop a healthier society.